HDFC School Pune – White T-Shirt with Navy Stripes (Vayu House) Std. I- XII



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The HDFC School in Pune has a unique uniform requirement for students in grades I through XII who are part of Vayu House. This uniform includes a white T-shirt with navy stripes, distinctively representing this house. Here’s a detailed description of this white T-shirt for Vayu House:

1. T-Shirt Color: The base color of this T-shirt is white. White is a classic and clean color often chosen for school uniforms.

2. Navy Stripes: The T-shirt features navy blue stripes. These stripes are typically horizontal and can vary in terms of their number, thickness, and spacing, depending on the school’s specific design. The navy stripes add a touch of color and uniqueness to the T-shirt while representing Vayu House.

3. Design: The T-shirt is designed for comfort and practicality. It typically has a round or V-neck collar and short sleeves. The fit is generally loose and comfortable to allow for ease of movement during various school activities.

4. Material: These T-shirts are usually made from a breathable and comfortable material, often cotton or a cotton-blend fabric. This ensures that students remain comfortable while wearing it, especially in warm weather.

5. Branding: The T-shirt may feature Vayu House’s emblem, logo, or name printed or embroidered on it, often located near the chest area. This branding helps identify students as members of Vayu House and fosters a sense of house spirit and unity.

6. Size Range: The T-shirts are available in various sizes to accommodate students of different ages and body sizes, ensuring a proper fit for each student.

7. Uniform Compliance: Wearing the white T-shirt with navy stripes (specifically for Vayu House) is typically a mandatory part of the school’s dress code for students in grades I through XII who belong to this house. It promotes unity and pride within the house.

8. Optional Accessories: Depending on the school’s uniform guidelines, students may be required to pair these T-shirts with other uniform items such as shorts, skirts, trousers, socks, or shoes to complete their school attire.

In summary, the white T-shirt with navy stripes is a distinctive and recognizable part of the uniform for students in grades I through XII who are members of Vayu House at The HDFC School in Pune. It represents house identity, promotes unity, and allows students to showcase their affiliation with this particular house within the school community.